Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DIY : Key Decoration

hye :D

well, this is the first time i wrote about DIY.

i was getting into a new room in university, so i decided to decorate things
in my room. one of it is my room key.

this is the key look after decorated.
this is my version, u can decorate things depends on your creativity, 
how u want it to be.

what u will need are :

- a key
- sequin
- nail colour

thats all i used :) 

1. colour your key with nail colour. u are free to use any colour you want. apply it slightly onto the key. leave it to dry and coat it again with nail colour to get nice and brighter colour. u need to be patient with this. dont coat too thick at the same time. make it layer by layer.

2. the last coat, when it still wet, place your sequin on the key depends on your creativity. u can place pearl or beads. like i said, your key look depends on how creative you are ;)

well, thats all for today :D


  1. darlingggggggggg, this is cute and a good idea! ^.^

    i also always use nail polish to cutify my things like old rings, brooch etc hihikkk

    but instead of using the labuci or beads, i use the ready made glitters or what we called it as perada ehh? haha perada laa i thinkkk <3

    anddddddd, you can also use nail stickers, believe me, they are too cute to handle <3

  2. ahaha, thnx :) buat la, tak susah pun, n cost tak mahal :)